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Accepting a Diagnosis Change

I still have Schizoaffective Disorder. That is a combination of schizophrenia and a major mood disorder. I was depressive type but now my treatment team is thinking I am Bipolar type.

I have been struggling for what seems like forever. But has really just been the last few months. I was unaware of my rapid mood cycles. My mom pointed them out to me and my treatment team. They just started happening more suddenly and rapidly once I change my antidepressant. This can sometimes happen with Bipolar Disorder.

I have been loosely diagnosed with mild Bipolar but I think that means Bipolar 2 disorder. I have been doing a lot of my own research on it and it seems like I’ve been having hypomanic episodes. I have serve major depressive episodes but it doesn’t seem like I reach full blown mania (maybe I do?). That’s why I don’t think it is Cyclothymic Disorder. That is when someone cycles between a mild hypomanic episode and a mild depressive episode.

I’ve been tapering off my antidepressants that I was on. Cymbalta and Lexapro. I was in the middle of switching at the time this all was determined. The Cymbalta made me go into a hypomanic state and then the Lexapro made me switch into a depressive state. So I was cycling pretty quickly. All within a span of one day. It was rough and it still is. My symptoms got so severe that I couldn’t even taper off them anymore I just had to quick cold turkey. I think I’ve been improving but then an episode will come out what seems like nowhere.

It is all really frustrating. But I hope I will stabilize within a couple weeks when all the antidepressants are out of my system. I am just currently taking Klonopin for all my anxiety about the whole thing and Latuda. Latuda is supposed to help with Bipolar Depression as well as my psychotic symptoms, since it is an anti-psychotic medication. I hope everything will work out and I’ll find the right medications for me. I may have to start taking a mood stabilizer if the Latuda alone doesn’t work.

That has been my experience with changing my diagnosis. I thought I was depressive type but now it seems like I am Bipolar type. I have been in a really rocky state the past few months and had to drop out of school again for the semester. If you are having any symptoms of Bipolar, including mood swings, or Depression, please seek out a professional. They will be able to help you.

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