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I am a 21-year-old adult and I love to play with Kinetic Sand. It is a sensory experience. If you have ever played with oobleck it is sort of similar. I chose to buy the green colored sand with the glitter specks because I thought it looked nice. There are many different colors and some with glitter and without. I got 1 pound of sand for about $10.

It feels really soft and nice. It doesn’t stick to my hands unless their wet. The glitter specks in it also don’t get everywhere. I keep it in a plastic container with a lid to keep out dust and other things. It also doesn’t really have a heavy scent to it but it has a light scent that doesn’t smell awful to me.

I really enjoy playing with Kinetic Sand. It is fun to build things but also just to squish around in my hands. If you are a sensory seeker in the touch department, you’ll love this. It is fun when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. You can just play around with Kinetic Sand.

I bought Kinetic Sand on a whim. I heard about it from a youtuber and thought it would be a good purchase. I was right. I want to buy more colors and some without glitter to see what it is like.

I think Kinetic Sand can help with anxiety and depression and other mental health problems. Having something to do with my hands helps calm me down. It also keeps me from getting too bored and therefore becoming too sad about that. Kinetic Sand keeps me busy.

I am glad I tried out Kinetic Sand. It helps give me something to do and it feels nice in my hands. If you would like to buy it for yourself and give it a try click the link here:
Kinetic Sand, 1lb Shimmering Emerald Green

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