Catcalling: My Experience and How to Deal with It

According to the dictionary catcalling is when someone makes a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. I’ve been catcalled quite a few times, especially on my college campus. I think is because I am out more in my college town. Catcalling makes me feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Once I was down the side-walk in my college town and someone on a scooter honked at me and gave me a head nod. Now that’s not so bad. I don’t usually mind when people do this to me. But others do bother me.

Once I was crossing the street and in the car waiting for me, a man called out “Yeah, shake that booty.” and started laughing. That was offensive to me. That one made me cry when I got home. I felt unsafe in my environment.

Another time I was walking down another side-walk and a man started yelling something in Chinese at me while he drove past. This one just made me think of why people would catcall. It’s so unnecessary.

One way to deal with it is to call them out on it. This might be difficult in the moment because it can throw you off guard but it is worth the effort to let them know what they did was wrong. Say something clever back to them.

If you don’t want to do that then another way is to ignore catcallers. Don’t look at them or even acknowledge that they are there. Don’t give them the satisfaction that they made an impact on you even if they did.

Make sure to take care of you. If you feel like crying after being catcalled, do it. If you feel like yelling something back at them, do it. Just make sure you are safe and recognizing what you need to do for yourself.


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3 thoughts on “Catcalling: My Experience and How to Deal with It

  1. 2012, I was 20 year old. On the bus, A guys in a wheelchair asked me to be his girlfriend. I remained quiet.
    2012 I lived by myself. One night on the way back to my apartment, a guy followed me home and tell me to grab his dick. He torn my tights. I begged him to let me go and lied “my boyfriend is upstairs”.
    2013 At night, I was waiting for the bus, a guy came in, kneed down and kissed my hand. I remained quiet.
    2013 Kyle and I walked together at night. A dude stopped by and asked me if I was a sleeping pro. I remained quiet
    2013 On the train, some dude rubbed his ‘thing’ on my back. I hit him hard with my elbow. He left the next stop.
    2015 A black lady on the train yelled at me out of the blue. I kicked her.
    2015 Two guys threw cigarettes butt on me told me to get out of neighborhood. I yelled back ‘fuck you trash’.
    2015 At apple store, a white lady told me there’s a line. I told her ‘shut up bitch if you say one more word I’ll slap you on the face’ and walked away.
    2015 A white lady pushed me down from my bike. I punched her.
    2015 When I across the street, a guy in black mask spits on me. I cried.
    2015 On the train, a guy harassed me. I asked him what makes you think it’s okay to talk this way?
    2016 I was in China and I constantly heard people making comments about my figure and the way I look. I was so pissed until one day I questioned myself. Why would they care about how I look? how I dress?
    The voice went away.
    2017 Two guys make comments on my eyes. I said hi and ‘sorry I gotta go’ followed a fake smile.
    2017 I stopped encounter those.

  2. I guess I wasn’t quite sure what’s my point here. Catcalling definitely happens a lot to young ladies. To me sometimes it involves sexual harassment other time is racial. You can see I was quite aggressive in 2015 but fought back apparently didn’t always help me. Being aggressive is even make it happens more often?
    To me I guess being flexible is the way to go! If you feel this person, something about him/her is not right, walk away as soon as possible. Even your behavior may offense him but do it anyway to protect yourself.

    Another thing I’d like to mention is: If people yell to you in another language, ignore it and don’t let that get to you.
    Because we are not certain what are they talking about. Why would we care? Are they really talking about me? or it’s just I feel they are talking about me. The fact is in most situation, they really aren’t talking about us but we take it personally and feel hurt.

    It’s pretty obvious that Chinese people yelled all the time. Just ignore them!
    A real experience happened to my Chinese friend at airport that I’d like to share it to you may change the way you think about foreign trash talk.
    In Chinese, the vocabulary ‘give/gave’ pronounces as ‘gei’
    The vocabulary ‘that’ pronounces as ‘neige’

    So, that’s how this story happened. My Chinese friends transit at airport, siting and talking about ‘what gift to give to that friend from the tax free store’. A young black person stands up and walks to them, really pissed off. He yelled ” What are you guys talking about! Are you talking about me??? I am not gay!!”. My friends try to explain they are not talking about him but he doesn’t believe it….’I heard you say Nigger, I heard you say Gay and you are telling me that you are not talking about me??!!!!’

    HAHA. It seems hilarious but it’s also sad. The guy felt so hurt on his own ideas of what others may say. Sometime we just gotta chill ourselves and put believe in others that they are too busy to notice us.

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