How to Survive College with Mental Illness

*I am not affiliated with the links in this post* College can be a difficult time on its own; classes, extracurriculars, jobs, friends, and family. Having a mental illness can make everything just a little bit harder on your life. Here are some ways to survive college with mental illness: … Continue reading “How to Survive College with Mental Illness”

Taking Time Off from College

I started college in August of 2014. The first semester was wonderful. I had a great season in marching band and had done well in all of my classes. The spring semester wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t as good as the fall semester had been. Then my sophomore year … Continue reading “Taking Time Off from College”

My GRE experience (general test – computer version)

I was at my testing site around 40 minutes before the test was scheduled to be taken. At my testing site we needed to present our form of id at the front desk then I was given a form where I needed to rewrite a statement and sign. Behind that … Continue reading “My GRE experience (general test – computer version)”