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Early Psychosis Symptoms

I have been thinking a lot about early psychosis symptoms lately. I think it is important to know the signs and understand them. I am going to talk about the early symptoms of psychosis that I have experienced as well. I gathered some information from the link below.

One symptom I experienced a lot is isolation. I would isolate myself in my room and not go out much. This is bad because we, as humans, are social creatures and we need to be around others and make connections with each other. Isolating yourself can also be a hindrance to your health because you can start withdrawing from loved ones that are trying to help you.

Another symptom is having dissociative episodes or disorientation. The ability to focus can diminish. Sometimes I feel as though my mind and my body aren’t connected. I feels strange and like my thoughts aren’t my own. I can also sometimes feel really disoriented and not know what is going on around me. This can be dangerous if you are out and about.

Increased anxiety and suspiciousness. I have experienced a lot of paranoid thoughts. When I was in the middle of having a psychotic episode, I was very suspicious and very nervous about everything and everyone’s intentions. It was really scary.

Mood swings are another symptom. When one moment someone is happy then the next they are really angry or sad it could be an early indication of psychosis. This could also be common of other mental illnesses.

If you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you could be at risk for developing psychosis. Sleep is a very important part of living. Sleep helps us refuel and makes sure we stay healthy.

Those were some of the early symptoms of psychosis. I hope this helped a least one person out there. Dealing with psychosis can be very difficult. If you know someone who is displaying any of these signs please reach out for help. If you are personally dealing with any of these symptoms please see a professional and get the help you deserve.


Early Psychosis Intervention

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