My Experience with Color Guard

I have been on a color guard team since junior year of high school which means I’ve been doing it for 5 consecutive years. It helped me cope from moving to a different state, the summer before my junior year. I joined color guard on a whim because a friendly face hyped it up. I remember walking into auditions and not knowing what I was doing at all. But this all lead to me joining the fall and winter season again the next year and joining a college team as well. I am taking a break for my fourth year of college from color guard. This is quite strange for me because it is basically all I know now. However, I plan to pursue other interests and possibly audition again for my final semester.

Color guard has influenced me in many positive ways. It has allowed me to come out of my shell and achieve a positive identity for myself. I have also met many amazing people because of color guard and it has given me a lot of great opportunities, as well. It has taught me many important skills that have helped me in my everyday life. For example, it has taught me how to effectively manage my time, how to work well with others, and how important commitment is.

Color guard in college is like having a job. We had practice Monday through Friday and games every or every other Saturday. Not to mention we had parades and other school events as well. It was difficult at times to keep track of this and my schoolwork. But as time went on it became easier to manage. Teamwork is another thing I learned more about. Working alongside a number of other people can be challenging at times but also very rewarding. I met some of my best friends in color guard. Commitment is another thing I learned about in color guard. Commitment is important to give to anything you want to be successful at. If a routine was difficult, my commitment to learning it was what drove me to practice harder to achieve it. Ultimately, I learned so much from color guard and enjoyed my time in it. If you have the opportunity to join a color guard team, I would highly recommend it.

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