My First Pap Smear Experience

This post is going to be all about my first pap smear experience. Let’s talk about my background now. I have never been on birth control. I am also not sexually active and am 21 years old. This means that, in the United States, I needed my first pap smear. I went to a doctor I was comfortable with. They do a pap smear to check your cervix cells to see if you have HPV or cervical cancer or abnormal cells. You can not have a pap smear if you are on your period.

I had to get my first breast exam so I had to take off all my clothes and put on a paper gown. I also had a paper sheet to put over my lap. I answered a few of my doctors questions then I had to put my feet up in stir ups. I was told to separate my legs and relax. It was difficult and I felt very uncomfortable. The doctor first did an exam of the outer part of my vagina to check for any moles or abnormalities.

Then the doctor picked up something she called “duck lips”. It was a clear thing with two curved edges. It is actually called a speculum. She put it inside my vagina until she heard a click. This part was very painful for me. I felt crampy in my lower stomach. Then she opened the duck lips and swabbed my cervix. I was in too much pain to really pay attention to this part.

Then she took that device out of me and talked to me while she put the swab into a dish. The doctor then needed to put her finger inside me to feel my cervix and make sure everything was in its proper place and felt “normal”. She put her finger inside my vagina and pushed on my lower stomach. This part didn’t really hurt but I felt a lot of pressure.

That was my first pap smear experience. Overall my experience was a positive one. It was painful at parts but was over really quickly. I think it took less than 5 minutes in total. I didn’t experience any spotting or cramping after the exam.



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