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1. When someone asks you ‘What is mental health?’ what do you say?

I would say that mental health is someone’s psychological well being. Mental health is how someone thinks, behaves, and goes about their day to day lives. I think it would be important to say that mental health isn’t something to be ashamed about but something that needs to be talked about more openly. I would also say that mental health can be related to abnormal mental health, as in depression and anxiety disorders, or “normal”, as in just someone’s thought processes.

2. How do you spread awareness on a daily basis?

I blog about mental health! I post twice a week about mental health and other lifestyle content. I also talk about my mental health everyday to someone, whether it be my therapist, family, or friends. It is good to open up about how you are feeling even if you don’t specifically have a mental illness. It can be good just to talk things over.

3. What are some tips and tricks when you’re talking about mental health?

Don’t overload people with information. Take it slow and talk about the most relevant information first. This will help the other person pay attention and listen to what you are saying. I also would say that you don’t need to disclose everything about your own mental health. If someone asks you something that makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to answer. You can just ask to talk about something else.

4. What is something you are going to do differently to spread mental health awareness this week?

I am going to start a YouTube channel that deals with mental health this week. More specifically I am going to be talking about my experiences and talk more openly about my schizoaffective disorder. I think creating content in a new way will be fun and hopefully helpful for someone.


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