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My Experience with Therapy

I first started therapy when I was 13. I was in middle school. My parents were having a rough patch and so we went to family therapy and my brother, sister, and I each went into individual therapy. I don’t remember much of what we talked about or how I felt during that time. I do remember that I didn’t talk much and I didn’t really have friends. My therapist wanted me to join a social group but I didn’t want to. I also remember my therapist giving me toys and sand to play with during our sessions.

I went to a counselor at my college’s counseling center my sophomore year. I had to call early in the morning to schedule a same day appointment. The whole appointment took about 90 minutes because I needed to fill out paper work for the first 30 minutes. Then a counselor led me back to an office with a couch. We talked, I felt like I had to prove myself to her though. So I didn’t really enjoy the experience. But she was able to give me resources to join an outside therapy group.

The next time I tried therapy was when I was in my junior year of college in my college town. It was difficult for me to talk to my therapist. Instead of talking I would just cry during the entire session. We would “talk” by writing things to each other. That was one way we overcame my crying. I continued therapy for about a month and a half.

I found my therapist in my college town by talking to a school counselor and getting referred. I went online and looked at my options of therapy groups. I then looked up the different counselors on my insurance website and found the ones I could go to. Always look at the resources that your school gives you.

I then went to see another therapist in a partial hospitalization program. You can click here to read more about my program experience. She taught me all about avoidance and how I could get over it. I also took part in group therapy in my partial program experience. We would ask questions to the other group members and get feedback on how they dealt with a certain problem or situation.

I then went to a therapist in my home town. I only went to her for a short time. About 4 or 5 sessions. It was still difficult to talk. I still wasn’t ready. We only were able to come up with some goals for therapy.

For the next semester I plan to go back to talk therapy. I think I am more ready to talk and open up a little more. I am also planning to go to group therapy that is run by my college. Either an anxiety group or dialectal behavior therapy. I heard DBT is very helpful and allows you to learn a lot.

I went back to college and joined the DBT group. It was nice. But then I dropped out again so I had to stop going. I learned more about mindfulness though. I also did talk therapy and was able to open up more. Currently I am trying to find a new therapist in my hometown. It’s been kind of rough finding a new one. But hopefully I’ll find one soon.

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