My GRE experience (general test – computer version)

I was at my testing site around 40 minutes before the test was scheduled to be taken. At my testing site we needed to present our form of id at the front desk then I was given a form where I needed to rewrite a statement and sign. Behind that form I was given a list of rules for the testing facility. I was also given a locker key. I didn’t wait long in the designated waiting room before they called me in the next room. I was only allowed to bring my id and locker key. Snacks needed to be out of my bag and in the front of my locker. There, I was screened with a metal detector, my ankles, wrists, and glasses were also examined. I then talked to a proctor about the rules and signed in. Then I was given scrap paper and pencils and was escorted into the next room with computer stations. I was seated and was given the okay to start the test.

There are a total of 6 sections on the GRE. I was given a 10 minute break after the third section of the test to use the restroom or eat snacks, drink water, or take medication. My id was needed to sign in and out of the testing room. I took a total of about 3 and half hours without the break to take the test. The analytical writing section is first. There are two separate writing prompts both of which you are given 30 minutes to complete. One essay focuses on agreeing or disagreeing with a statement. The other focuses on taking an argumentative stance on a piece of advice or specific argument. Both of which need reasons and examples to be included on why you agree or disagree with the quote/statement, and why you took your stance.

The next sections are alternated between the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections. The verbal reasoning sections included questions that had multiple choices for its answer. For example, one, two or three word choices per short passage. There were questions which included passages with a few sentences ranging to a whole page. Some could be answered by choosing the correct words while others wanted you to analyze a passage. On the quantitative sections some questions had write-in answers while others needed a single choice out of multiple. This section had mostly comparison questions. Other types of questions would correlate to graphs or figures.

After the test was completed I was given the option to cancel my scores or report them. I was told if I canceled them, it would be like I never took the test. When I reported them I was showed my verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning scores immediately. I was then able to report my scores to 4 school for free. It costs $27 to send them to additional schools. I was also told that I would receive my writing score 10 to 15 days after the date I took the test online. You can take the GRE every 21 days for the computer version. That was my first GRE experience. Below is the website to register and learn more about the GRE test:

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