My Partial Hospitalization Program Experience

I was in a mood track of PHP. I cross tracked with an anxiety group. I was also a part of the millennial group which was people aged 18 to 26. In order to cross track I had to fill out questionnaires and meet with a counselor from the different program I was needing. There were a lot of different programs, for example, an eating disorder track, a chemical dependency track, and a self injury track. I was in the program for about 4 weeks and I spent a week in IOP, intensive outpatient program. The PHP went from 9 to 3 and IOP went from 9 to 1. We had lunch provided for us at 12.

We had group therapy every morning for an hour and a half with the counselors or our case managers. Each person had their own case manager. My case manager was a middle man between my doctor and me and spoke with me individually about my progress and was there to help guide me and explain things to me. I would see my doctor or nurse practitioner about once a week or more often if I had specific questions or concerns. There was also a nurse who we were able to see if you were sick or under the weather. She also took note of my blood pressure, temperature, and spoke with me about possible side effects with taking my medication. I also saw a dietitian to manage my weight and diet plan to help with my GERD symptoms.

Everyday we would have coping skill groups after morning group therapy. These would range from learning about anger management to weekend planning to nutrition. Four times a week I would go to either art therapy or movement therapy. Art therapy was fun. We got to do projects or have free time to explore with different art materials. In movement therapy we would do guided meditations and play games that involved dance. At the beginning of these groups we would be asked about how we were feeling and how our days were going.

The program I was in was for adults aged 18 to 65. I was part of the younger crowd. Millennial group helped me with this. I was in group with all sorts of other people. They were mostly all kind people each with their own problems. Some people go into these programs straight out of the hospital and others go into the program separately like me. I went into this program a week after I got out of the hospital due to my continued symptoms. That was my experience with a partial hospitalization program.

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