Strange Dreams That I’ve Had

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Strawberry boy
I was in a restaurant, at a booth, when a small toddler, last name strawberry, with red hair came up to me. He was happy and talked to me but soon disclosed that his mom was trapped on the playground. My mom came over but didn’t believe me when I told her of this news. So we took the little boy to the park and he told us she was under the orange ship. We dug and eventually found the mom alive and well. She was excited and relieved to see her child. I was sad to depart from strawberry. But the mom felt so much gratitude towards us she invited us back to her house. When my mom and I got there we noticed that she had bought a chair and table set from us before. We sat in the seats in the kitchen while she was at the stove.

I was in my neighbor’s backyard. Inside a huge PVC pipe. The bright screen of a laptop was the only other thing I could see. And then my neighbors appeared. They were running through the pipes so I ran with them.

Doll heads
I was in a theater. There were baby doll head floating and the band was playing. A teacher was going through a PowerPoint presentation. There was a woman in charge outside in the grass. The baby doll heads were randomly strewn across the ground. The baby doll heads were a bad sign.

I was with a family friend on the top of a slide. She was wearing pig tails and a pink dress. She was a younger version of herself. I was also a younger version of myself. I was wearing a blue dress. There were a bunch of slides connecting at the tops. We were sitting in the middle of all of them. Then a loud and creepy voice was talking to me and laughing.

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