The Best Mental Health Apps I Use

Almost everyone has one and they are mostly always by your side. Your phone can be a useful tool in keeping your mental health in check. Here are some apps I use to help with my mental health:

Mood Trackers


This is one of the first mood tracker app I used and I think it’s pretty good. It is easy to use. It allows me to track my overall mood at any point throughout the day. It gives me a reminder to fill it out whenever I choose. I specifically choose 8 PM because that is when I start winding down for the day. It also lets me keep track of activities I do each day. For example, you can add that you slept all day, took medication on time, spent time with family, and anything else you choose to include. It only takes a few seconds out of my day to keep track of vital information on my moods.


This app lets me record my moods more in detail. I personally use it about once a week. It is a great app if you have Depression or Bipolar Disorder. It allows me to save my current medications, overall health information, and detailed reports on my moods, symptoms, and lifestyle choices.



This is an app where you can focus on your breathing. It has an option to follow to help you breath in and out in a routine. It also has different calming music to listen to and meditation sessions to follow along with. There is a spot for sleep aid as well. I like this app for when I need a moment to relax.


There are meditation sessions on basics, anxiety, motivation, and more. There are also minis that can help you do a body scan, unwind, or just breathe. There is also a section with animations for different situations and a section just for kids. Some of the sessions are free but if you want to unlock more there is a subscription.


This app has timed meditation sessions ranging from 3 to 30 minutes. There is also a ‘getting started’ button that has 5 days of meditation. This app allows you to buy the premium version which includes meditations for school, sleep, and stress, as well as day programs and other guides.


7 Cups

This app allows you to use forums to talk to people dealing with similar situations. You can also talk to a licensed therapist and get a free trial with an account. Or you can connect with a listener who will talk with you for free and try to give you advice to the best of their ability.

What’s Up?

This app is super useful if you need help right now. There is a section all about coping skills you can use and how to help yourself in stressful or difficult moments. It also allows you to write down and keep track of certain habits. It has an information section where you can learn about methods to cope with different issues as well.



If you want to distract yourself and don’t have access to paper or a pencil, this is a good app to have. It lets you color in different designs from flowers to animals to food. It also lets you save your finished project  or work in progress in your gallery. It has a wide selection of colors to choose from and lets you share or download your work when you are done.


Those were some mental health apps that I use and find helpful. These apps may not work for everyone, though.

If you are struggling, please seek out a professional. Know that it can get better.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. LOVE Calm – I got it recently and have been using it every night :). Definitely need to try a mood tracker as well. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 x

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