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Things I Do When I’m Sad or Stressed Out

Focus on the good in life
Just because something negative is happening now doesn’t mean that it has always been negative or will always be negative. Focus on even the small things that make you feel happy, like family or a hobby.

It’s okay to feel your emotions and let them out. A good cry can be very therapeutic. I know that when I try and hold everything in, it always forces it way out in other forms. This could lead to the projection or transfer of our feelings onto other people or tasks we have to do.

Talk to someone
Talking to someone can be very helpful. Whether it be a close friend, a therapist, or a family member, sharing can benefit you. It could lead to possible solutions to how you are feeling.

Journal about it
Writing things in a journal is a better option when I don’t feel like talking to anyone. But it can also help alongside it as well. Journaling lets me get out my feelings and keep a record of them to look over later. This can be helpful when you want to understand how something made you really feel.

Take some deep breaths
Know that whatever is making you sad or upset now will pass. And if it doesn’t seem like it will, help is available to you. Deep breathing can help reduce some of your anxiety and can give you time to relax and think about your options.

Take a few minutes and tidy an area of your room or house. This helps me take my mind off of what’s making me sad or stressed out and lets me do something productive.

Listen to music
Listening to music helps me a lot. It relaxes me and calms me down when I listen to my favorite songs. Being calm helps me feel better about any situation that comes my way.

Pet your pet
Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, or whatever other pets you may have, love them. They can make you feel so much better and if you’re upset they can probably tell. If you don’t have a pet then go to the zoo or a local humane society to get your fix. I learned from a commercial that being around animals can even lower your heart rate.

Take your medication
If you have a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication or an anti-depressant, take them regularly as your doctor has prescribed. If you skip a dose it can mess up the chemicals in your brain and be less effective in treating your mental illness.

It’s okay to feel sad or stress out
No matter who tells you otherwise, know that it is okay to feel how you are feeling. Your feelings are valid and they matter.

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