Trying to Lose Weight and It’s Struggles

I have struggled with my weight ever since I was young. Let’s just say I was a chubby middle schooler. Currently I am trying to become healthier and I care more about what I put into my body and what I do with it.

During my freshman year of high school I stared running. 1 mile a day was all I did at first. I wasn’t breaking any speed records but I was managing my weight and was exercising daily. Then in my sophomore year I was running even more. I also started to eat less. I was starting to lose weight, in even my face, and I noticed it. That’s when I stopped running all together. I was scared of losing so much weight. This wasn’t the best idea because I reverted to old habits with my eating and exercising. I was eating a “normal” amount for someone my height and weight. I just seem to gain weight very easily. My junior year I started running again because of gym class and I stayed running until the end of my senior year. I was fit. I weighed about 145 pounds and that was good for me.

During my freshman year of college I didn’t gain the freshman 15. I gained about 5 pounds but wasn’t really concerned about it. I was exercising every week again and I was doing well. My sophomore year things changed. I was starting to feel depressed more and more and my anxiety had taken over my body. I stopped exercising regularly and was continuing to eat anything I wanted. I kept gaining weight after that. I was 160 then 170 then 180. My junior year was a wild one. I was on my school’s deans list for the fall semester and then before I knew it I had to drop out spring semester. I kept getting really sick. Like with bronchitis and pneumonia. I was about 180 after I stopped eating because I was so sick all the time. I would go to the doctor’s office and get weighed and notice I dropped 4 pounds in less than a week.

Then I went into a mental hospital. And I was put on risperdal for the first time (risperdal is an anti-psychotic). I then started eating like crazy. Like I couldn’t stop myself. I was hungry all the time. I even tried to get more than one entrĂ©e while in the hospital. That’s how I gained 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks. After I got my mental health under control and was in a better place I started to refocus on my physical health. I started exercising regularly again and was trying to eat healthier (meaning more fruits and veggies and less processed stuff). I loss a total of 5 pounds according to my last weight check.

But then I moved back to college and gained it all back. I am now trying to exercise regularly again. I am starting off slowly. Walking as long as I can on the treadmill each time. I am also trying to watch what I eat and how much I eat of it. Nothing too strict and I do have my cheat days near my period but I am trying to be healthier overall. That has been my story of weight gain and weight loss.

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