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8 Ways to Help Someone who is Suicidal

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

1. Listen to them

Talk with them. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to their reasons. Don’t try to convince them otherwise until you hear them out and make a plan of action.

2. Make an appointment with them to see a therapist or psychiatrist

Help them seek out professional help. Maybe even ask to go with them if you are afraid that they won’t go or if they are nervous to see someone about what is going on.

3. Tell them to wait it out

Let them know that there is no rush. The option will always be there and they don’t need to go ahead with it right then.

4. Seek out professional help

If you are noticing some warning signs, seek out a counselor or call a hotline and get some advice on what to do for your friend or loved one. Do some research on your own too. Make an effort to help them out.

5. Make a safety plan with them

Make a list of people to call when they are feeling highly suicidal. Make lists of distractions and things to do when they feel suicidal.

6. Encourage positive life changes

Make plans with them to go out to eat or exercise together. Make plans for the future that will impact them in a positive manner.

7. Check in with them

Ask them if they are suicidal or not on a regular basis. Check to see how they are. Are they getting treatment? Are they being compliant with their treatment plan? Are they still showing warning signs? See how they are doing and be a friend or family member to them. Show them that you care but don’t badger them.

8. Take away any potential means of suicide

If they stock piled pills or keep a gun or knife in their close proximity, take it away. Don’t leave them alone with anything potential dangerous. If it’s pills then offer to keep them and give them their prescribed dosage when they need it.

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