What Helps Me during a Mental Health Crisis

During a mental health crisis I like to find distractions and stuff to keep me busy and occupied. Here are some things I do when in a mental health crisis:

Look at things I love

I like to look at my interests like Bandaids, my grays anatomy book, and anything the color purple.

Listen to my favorite music

My favorite songs are Hero by Bamiyah and Teardrop by Naked and Famous. I also like Verite, Pvris, and Banks. I use Spotify but there is also Pandora, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

Make Art

I have been in Art therapy and took a couple of classes on it and I like it. You basically do whatever you want to do with art supplies. You just need a pencil and some paper. Explore, if you have never worked with clay before, try it and if you love to paint do that. You can try journaling before, during, or after it.

Also, you can set an intention for your art making or for your day or a certain event. For example, I am calm and centered. Try not to use the word “not” like “I am not anxious”. Some more examples of intentions are; I explore my interests, I move with my skepticism, I take on new information as it comes to me.

I like to do watercolor paintings and sometimes I can just paint for hours listening to my favorite music. I also like to work with mixed media. For example, I’ll use found images or fabrics/materials in my art. I sometimes will make a plan before hand or I’ll try to just go with the flow and make whatever I make.

Make Videos

I like to record on topics I love to talk about. I like talking about health and my experiences. This lets me open up and connect with others.

If you are worried about people giving you hate, keep your videos on private or if you want an audience, delete the negative comments and give yourself a little time to let it go. Youtube is also free to upload.


Writing is like journaling for me. It is very therapeutic for me. It lets me open up and connect with other people. I blog about my experiences with mental health and other things involving lifestyle. And you can have a free blog on Blogspot or WordPress.


I wish I had these things when I would have too much time on my hands and went into a lot of negative thoughts/behaviors.

Any hobby can be beneficial. If you can’t find a hobby look back to your childhood. Is there anything you loved to do? If not, try stuff out. It’s okay to try something and like it or hate it.

If you want to talk I’m here but I am not a professional.

Know that it will get better.

Here is another post I did about Mental Health Crises: Link

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